Rolling with Punches

Bottle Beach Resort is a family friendly cluster of beach huts and is one of only two or three resorts on the isolated bay. After our beach landing late that night, we headed straight for the hotel restaurant to order a light snack, since we hadn’t had dinner during our long day of travel. Unfortunately, … More Rolling with Punches

To the Islands

On our fifth day in the city, we packed a quarter of our belongings into two small bags, stored the big bags in the luggage hold at our Bangkok apartment, and headed for the train station to catch our overnight sleeper train to Surat Thani in the south. Trains sell out quickly in Thailand – … More To the Islands

Bangkok Bound

We arrived in Bangkok early in the morning after a short flight from Phnom Penh and then hopped in a taxi (that seemed to take longer than our flight) to wind through the city’s traffic to our apartment.  We had decided that after a month of perpetual motion, packed itineraries and beaches without wifi in … More Bangkok Bound

To the Coast

Cambodia is playing tourism catch-up to its popular neighbor, Thailand. Over the last decade there has been year after year increases in foreign investment in the tourism sector. As a result, there is a huge variety of accommodations and many places are affordable and of a great quality. Many others, however, are cashing in on … More To the Coast

Important History

Mid week in Phnom Penh we set off on foot to explore around our neighbourhood and discovered some pleasant parkland featuring a massive statue of the current Cambodian monarch and some contemporary art installations. This part of the city, the main administrative zone, was planned on a large scale featuring long boulevards and tree lined … More Important History


After our night in Bako National Park we packed ourselves up, waded through the surf and once again purred down the coast and up river back to Kuching where a flight to our next Borneo wildlife encounter awaited. We wanted to check out the abundant swiftlet and bat populations housed in the many formidable cave formations … More Spelunking

Into the Wild

After our time with the orangutans, our next wildlife adventure took us to a much more remote area, requiring a road trip, a boat journey down river to the sea and then up coast to the shores of Bako National Park. We had researched how to access the park a few weeks ahead and had … More Into the Wild

Us and the Apes

Our first nature destination was the wonderful Semenggoh Wildlife Center, well known for its orangutan program and easy striking distance from Kuching. After a 40 minute taxi ride we zoomed into the park and set off on the small hike up to the main interpretation centre and main orang viewing areas. The animals protected in … More Us and the Apes

Borneo Bound

Malaysian Borneo was a wonderful sidetrack from our original itinerary. We had always given it strong consideration, largely on the advice of a handful of people who had been and raved. Prior to departing Canada, however, we had decided we didn’t have time in our plan. We reversed that decision after spending some fine holiday … More Borneo Bound

Christmas in Bali

The newly constructed airport in Denpasar was a welcoming and easy place to arrive after our four hour flight from Australia. The massive arrival area was well organized and we were quickly processed through immigration and released into the rich cultural milieu of contemporary Bali. This small island, only one of hundreds making up the … More Christmas in Bali

On to the capital

After leaving the caring comfort of our new Aussie friends, we were on our own, driving the sparsely populated highways of NSW on our way to the national capital. Canberra is a funny little place, built throughout the first three decades of the 20th century with burgeoning national pride as the shiny new seat of … More On to the capital

Milford Sound

Leaving the Catlins we drove north west toward Te Anau, a small town that serves as the gateway to Milford Sound. We passed through huge valleys where massive tracts of intact natural vegetation became the norm. Above the river valleys we experienced constantly winding roads up into wild alpine meadowlands. These were huge, big sky … More Milford Sound


Our ferry journey to the South Island was a splendid jaunt across an uncommonly calm sea. These are waters at the confluence of three rapidly moving currents and most often prove a rough ride. Thankfully the Cook Strait was well behaved for our sailing and we were spared the heaving waves experienced by many passing … More Southbound

Up the coast

We left our happy cabana in Pichilemu on an early morning bus back to the capital. After sharing melancholy goodbye hugs and good wishes with our AirBnB hosts and new friends, Carlos and Romy, we found ourselves going through the now very familiar exercise of stuffing our cargo into the bottom of a bus and … More Up the coast

City of Murals

City of Murals Valparaíso is a stunning coastal city known for its grit and artistic expression. The grit borne from a well earned reputation as a rowdy port town frequented by bulky, seafarer types. Nowadays the saltier, rougher elements are still present in some of the distant upper reaches of the city but the mariners … More City of Murals

Wine country

Chile is positively bursting with grapes. As a result wine is much cheaper to purchase than soft drinks and is wonderfully woven into daily life in a high quality, low quantity manner. We were reminded how liberating Latin culture is regarding life’s little pleasures when we drove through the vineland region of the central valley. … More Wine country

To the Coast

Part of the fun of travelling abroad is discovering there are national holidays you have never heard of. Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) in Chile was one of those days for us. Ordinarily we are only too happy to join in on any national fervor sweeping a country but when the celebrations coincide with the day … More To the Coast

To the South

Santiago, where an estimated 40% of Chili’s population resides, is a modern metropolis sprawling in the large, beautiful central valley region. Blessed with a perfect mediterranean climate and deep fertile soils, this part of the world produces some of the world’s finest wines and tremendous volumes and varieties of fruit. The capital snugly occupies a … More To the South

Local touch

We needed to return to Lima for our flight on to Chile. We had a few days in the capital and used that time to catch up on laundry and attempt to live more like normal people and less like tourists. This required us to buy groceries, prepare meals and work on lesson plans for … More Local touch