Global Field Trip

Our family has always loved Scavenger and Treasure Hunts. Richard and I have designed and delivered Christmas and Birthday Hunts for the kids since they were very small. This trip seemed like a perfect opportunity to take that experience to a global scale. Also, since we’ll be homeschooling (or road-schooling), we are hoping to use our travel itinerary to enhance the kid’s learning. We hope to build on the curriculum-focused learning they’ll be doing online, with some experiential learning on the ground.

We are blessed to be a part of a community of knowledgeable and experienced travelers.  We are hoping you can help us with creating a Global Scavenger Hunt for the kids. The hunt will encourage Nora and Gabe to accomplish, document and reflect on tasks and challenges throughout our trip. They will use their travel journals as a visual reminder of the amazing things they have accomplished and learned while on the road.

We are hoping you might be able to help us come up with some unique clues and challenges. Many of you have been to some of the places we are going to visit (and have already shared some amazing tips and recommendations) or, perhaps you know a cool fact about the destinations that we could incorporate into the hunt. For all our teacher-friends, if you can offer suggestions that might link our travel itinerary to the Grade 6 and Grade 9 curriculum, we would so love to hear them!

If you know of a cool undiscovered café, local cuisine that shouldn’t be missed, a local tradition we should try, or a hidden landmark that should be visited, please share. Even better, if you know people in these areas who would like to meet up with us and share a drink or deliver a clue, we’d love to meet them!

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