Wine country

Chile is positively bursting with grapes. As a result wine is much cheaper to purchase than soft drinks and is wonderfully woven into daily life in a high quality, low quantity manner. We were reminded how liberating Latin culture is regarding life’s little pleasures when we drove through the vineland region of the central valley. … More Wine country

To the Coast

Part of the fun of travelling abroad is discovering there are national holidays you have never heard of. Fiestas Patrias (Independence Day) in Chile was one of those days for us. Ordinarily we are only too happy to join in on any national fervor sweeping a country but when the celebrations coincide with the day … More To the Coast

To the South

Santiago, where an estimated 40% of Chili’s population resides, is a modern metropolis sprawling in the large, beautiful central valley region. Blessed with a perfect mediterranean climate and deep fertile soils, this part of the world produces some of the world’s finest wines and tremendous volumes and varieties of fruit. The capital snugly occupies a … More To the South

Local touch

We needed to return to Lima for our flight on to Chile. We had a few days in the capital and used that time to catch up on laundry and attempt to live more like normal people and less like tourists. This required us to buy groceries, prepare meals and work on lesson plans for … More Local touch

More Inkan Wonder

The small and truly ancient town of Ollantaytambo was an unexpected joy. The tight alleyway grid of the old town is at the bottom of steep sided slopes up to Inkan ruins on both sides of the settlement. The town was originally laid out six hundred years past as a mid-sized agricultural community and temple … More More Inkan Wonder