More Inkan Wonder

The small and truly ancient town of Ollantaytambo was an unexpected joy. The tight alleyway grid of the old town is at the bottom of steep sided slopes up to Inkan ruins on both sides of the settlement. The town was originally laid out six hundred years past as a mid-sized agricultural community and temple … More More Inkan Wonder

The Lost City

To say our small company of travelers do not always enjoy the rewards of a new dawning day is perhaps best captured by a direct quote from my 14 year old, who, when I attempted to wake her at 5:15am to make our 6am train to Aguas Caliente let it be known that my efforts … More The Lost City

Lovely Lima

On our first full day in the city we hopped on the obligatory double decker tourist bus, to gain a sense of proportion of the enormous city of approximately 10 million and to gain a brief introduction to a few of the main historical and cultural high points. The dual Spanish/English guide was notably effusive … More Lovely Lima

Off to Peru!

There is only ever one first day of a trip and this one was hugely pregnant with expectation due to its year long duration and the fact that most of our destinations are wholly new to us. As a result, a first day can be emotionally tricky but I am happy to report we were … More Off to Peru!

Global Field Trip

Our family has always loved Scavenger and Treasure Hunts. Richard and I have designed and delivered Christmas and Birthday Hunts for the kids since they were very small. This trip seemed like a perfect opportunity to take that experience to a global scale. Also, since we’ll be homeschooling (or road-schooling), we are hoping to use our travel … More Global Field Trip